After much discussion, the board has decided that implementing a rule so close the season without membership input was not as good an idea as it seemed initially. For that reason, the sportsmanship ride-along rule has been withdrawn for the 2017 season.

However, we still recognize this could be an issue at the competitive level and is highly discouraged between people that attend events at this level (i.e., win trophies and season points). Consistent ride-alongs could be perceived as an advantage since those competitors will "see the course at speed" more times than their competitors, especially with the win margins we have seen since the class restructure.

There was discussion about the 2018 season and how to avoid this issue without implementing a rule that actually enforces it. There were a handful of proposals, but we would to poll the membership for ideas how they feel would be best to do this. Remember it must be simple (very little to no extra work), yet fair to all attendees.

Please email your ideas to your Members at Large (Alex and Paul - If you would like, they are able to bring your suggestions to the board anonymously.

Thank you for your input.