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Thread: Minor Waivers Clarification/Guidance

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    Minor Waivers Clarification/Guidance

    [Updated and Reviewed by Doug Gill, SCCA National Office Rally/Solo Competition Manager 04/07/2017]

    • All minor waivers are annual waivers.
    • Minor waivers are only necessary for minor drivers (5-17 years old), passengers (12-17 years old or 57" tall) or minor workers (12-17 years old) entering "hot" areas (staging, grid, start, finish, course) that hold an SCCA membership or weekend membership.
    • Children under 12 years old (except Junior drivers) are not permitted in “hot” areas (staging, grid, start, finish, course) per the Solo Rules section 1.3.2.O; a waiver is not necessary for them.
    • Use “SCCA Minor SCCA Official 1068 09/15” (printed in the lower right corner) for minor drivers (5-17 years old) or minor workers (12-17 years old) when witnessed and signed by an adult SCCA member.
    • BOTH parents’ signatures must be present and witnessed. One parent signature on the waiver is not valid.
    • Minors MUST sign the second page and be witnessed.
    • If completed at the event, the original should be retained by the Region and sent to SCCA Member Services. If planning to attend other SCCA events before the annual waiver hard card is received, fill out another form and write "COPY" across it.
    • If the minor is an SCCA member, a new membership card will be issued which denotes that the waiver is on file. If the minor is not a member, a weekend membership should be filled out and sent in with the annual minor waiver.
    • It is not required that the waiver be on file at the national office before participation in an SCCA Solo event.
    • A minor waiver is valid at all SCCA Events if it is done correctly for the State where the minor resides.
    • If a parent/guardian has sole legal custody, have the parent/guardian complete and sign an affidavit stating he/she has sole custody and no other parent/guardian has a lawful claim to custody of the minor. Only in this case, one parent/guardian signature is acceptable.
    • If the waiver cannot be witnessed by an adult SCCA member, then "SCCA Minor Notary 1068 09/15" (both pages) must be notarized.
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    Here are the links to the forms needed, particularly the one for off site signatures, which REQUIRES a notary when signed by both parents/guardians.


    Please review the Procedures.
    Please review the Checklist.
    The notary page is for off site signatures (form 1068_09_15)
    The Affidavit is for a sole custody parent/guardian.
    Minor forms will be available on-site if both parents are there to sign or the sole guardian fills out an affidavit.

    Unfortunately, we CANNOT make any exceptions to these rules and paperwork.

    If you have any questions, please PM me.
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