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Thread: heads up if you try to change your address with the website

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    heads up if you try to change your address with the website

    I moved a little over half a year ago and I updated my address on the website. they recently changed their website and it now looks like its trying to go the route of a social media platform and due to that it was a bit confusing to find my address but i did get it changed. Months later I had noticed I had not received any of the magazines and official pieces of mail from the scca where still going to my old address. I searched the site yet again to find where I can change my address but the only spot I found had the correct address. I emailed them and they told me there where having problems with the new website and their mailing database communicating properly. moral of the story, if you move watch for the magazine and if it doesn't start going to your new address then email them about it.

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    Hey Scotty! What's the correct email address to reach them?


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    I emailed and they got it straightened out.

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    Adding on to the SCCA website issues, I had to email that address to have them fix the online membership renewal as it kept giving me an error (along with just about everyone else when I Google'd it).

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