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Thread: Are we 'Tacos' for the Nationals paddock group?

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    Are we 'Tacos' for the Nationals paddock group?

    I'm doing my registration for nationals and didn't see RGR in the paddock list. I did see 'Tacos'. I suspect that is the correct group. But I wanted to verify before I ended up spending a few days with a completely different set of crazy people.

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    I'm not doing an official RGR paddock this year as last year certain people didn't follow instructions about where/how to park and made organization harder than it needed to be.

    Tacos is my group and if you wish to be a part of it, please contact me directly. The reason for this is because if we organize, we can have a courtyard type setup but it involves people sacrificing a small amount of their allotted 25'x25'area so we can get Shea's trailer as the primary part of it. We found if there is a common area, there is a lot more mingling and interaction by everyone. Let me know!
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