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Thread: Spammers & suspicious accounts

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    Spammers & suspicious accounts

    There have been a few suspicious accounts lately. their posts seem to be copy/pastes of other people's comments and have non-english text in their signature or profiles. I have banned a couple of them and changed the human verification question and answer. I am considering requiring people put some form of identification on their account. it could be as simple as their cars and #'s on their signature or a profile picture of them or their vehicle. Just something to verify real accounts. those that don't would kindly be told and if suspicious behavior continued they would be banned. please let me know what you all think of this idea.

    also if you're account was legit and you were banned, please email the scca webmaster. contact info is on under board and contacts.

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    Changing the human verification question did nothing to slow down the number of fake accounts made. I have now switched it to captcha. I know captcha sucks but I'm not sure what else to do right now.
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    Looks like it didnt work.
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    This is crazy. really don't know what to do about it. Multiple spam accounts even with captcha....
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